Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger
Eco Water - Messenger

Eco Water - Messenger

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Giving your loved one a beautiful memorial in a body of water is now possible with the Eco Water Urn. This innovative water urn gives you the ability to scatter ashes with ease in a simple, yet dignified way.

When placed in water, this special all-natural urn is designed to float upright like a buoy. Within a short time, the bottom portion submerged in water will dissolve and release the ashes, freeing them to spread underwater. The remaining top portion may continue to be visible for a short time before sinking and dissolving out of sight.

Every Eco Water Urn BioUrn® comes in a beautiful handmade bamboo case. The bamboo case provides protection when storing remains or when traveling to that special place on the water to scatter. It also provides for a lovely presentation for ceremonies!

    We understand your situation may be time sensitive. For this reason, we do our very best to ship your order as soon as possible!

    Orders without Engravings:  Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will be shipped out the same day.Orders with Engravings:  Orders received before 2pm MT (4pm ET) will likely be shipped out the same day (we will try our very best).  However, since custom engraving takes some time, it may ship the next day. Once shipped, how long until it arrives?  - We’re based in Denver and regular shipping takes 2 to 4 days depending on your proximity to us.  Of course, we also offer Overnight Express and 2-Day Express shipping options if needed.  

    Eco Friendly & Biodegradable

    The Eco Water Urn is 100% all natural and biodegradable. The urn itself is made from recycled plant materials and cellulose using only water, heat and pressure and without any glues or binding agents.  The casing is made entirely from beautiful bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable resource and happens to be one of the most environmentally friendly building materials on the planet! 

    Although it is biodegradable, it will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the water. Therefore, it can be used for a water burial right away or it can be used as a regular urn to hold ashes for as many years as you like before eventually freeing the remains in nature. After use, you can keep the bamboo case as keepsake or repurpose for other uses if you like. 


    The Eco Water Urn BioUrn® is designed to hold as much or as little of one set of ashes (size of 225 cu. in.).  It is large enough to hold all of a person’s ashes, but you may also include just a portion. This is the case when families split up the remains among family and friends or if they simply want use the remains for different urns or keepsakes. Our instructions explain any adjustments to make when including different amounts. 


    The bamboo surface engraves beautifully! Our special engraving equipment uses a laser to engrave the bamboo with names, dates, symbols, and a special personal message.

    You also have the option to write special and messages on the surface of the Eco Water Urn with a marker or crayons to add a personal touch. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Give your loved one a dignified memorial...

    included with eco water

    Ecorial® App

    The leading new way to memorialize and honor a loved one as they Rest in Nature®. When scattering ashes in the water with the Eco Water Urn, use the Ecorial® App to “mark the spot” by recording the exact GPS coordinates plus the time and date of the event. You can also upload photos and videos of your loved one’s forever resting place and create a beautiful interactive online memorial with ease. The Ecorial® app can be found in Apple’s App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android), or on the web at

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